Working on Navigational Structure September 13, 2015 22:54

Bit of a 'Chicken vs Egg' situation - you upload the products then realize that you need to assign Genre's - would have been a lot easier if the platform allowed a CSV upload of Collections with images - then all you would have to do is upload product and toggle which Genre...

First Post May 23, 2015 22:01

Well this is the first post, a new direction realising that we all miss the used record stores of our youth - the endless thumbing through wooden racks to find that gem or the staring at the wall for that plastic sleeved 'must have' to complete the collection, the joy of meeting your friends on the bus with respective plastic bags stuffed with find's the trip to a strange city miles from home to peruse a store of urban legend to finally get home and place it on the turntable cue it up and sit back & relish in the conquest - This is what we are about no matter what genre your into we wont judge or critique - the fact that you seeking it out brings the mutual respect for the love of music.